Hangzhou Qianrong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

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    Business Type: Manufacturer
    Main Market: Worldwide
    Brands: QRsonic
    Annual Sales: 3000000-5000000
    Year Established: 2008
    Export p.c: 90% - 100%
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      • Whenever we have need, Qianrong Ultrasonic can always provide us with a series of solutions. For Example, we need to produce a batch of parts last year, but there is always a problem that can not be met. After finding Qianrong Ultrasonic, they made a detailed plan for us. After getting a practical plan, we finally produced the parts we needed.

        Mr James Varner

        Mr James Varner
      • Dear Mrs Cassie, thanks for your support. Every time you reply to my questions at first time. I admire your professional knowledge. Working with Qianrong makes me feel at easy.

        Mr.Gihan Peiris

        Mr.Gihan Peiris
      • It is glad to work with your company. Cassie has done an excellent job for our company. We like her work. We hope the product we have ordered will turn out to be as good as the service we have received so far. If the product is good we would like to continue to work with Cassie and your company.

        Mr. Mansoor Mogra

        Mr. Mansoor Mogra
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